David Oswald. Creative Director & Copywriter multitasking between London, Berlin & California.


Hi there stranger, I have no idea how you got here or even who you are … although I can spot something green between your teeth. But I assume you come in friendly mission so I am happy to give you a sneak peak of me and what I do. So take your time, sniff around and find what got you here in the first place. And if you find something amazing or have anything else you want to tell me, use the contact menu down below.


Over the years I have been to lucky to work with many amazing people in various cities and countries on the world’s best brands. I always see myself part of a big team and I enjoy collaborative environments to get the best work created. Here is a small selection of my favorites form the last years.


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Being in a constant state of FOMO, I am an avid twitter user and retweeter. Sometimes I even dare to put some of my own thoughts into 140 characters, which most of the time will consist of a piece of news with a punchline. Enjoy and don’t forget to laugh once in a while.

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I would never claim to be a photographer, but since my mobile phone has a nice camera why not venture out and find amazing things in the everyday and even more stunning moments when something happens.

Olympic Park

London Bridge

Royal Ascot


Shoreditch Park

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